Meg & Dia performing TONIGHT...

Hey! Check this out – Meg & Dia (I love them)…are performing at a bunch of hot topic stores around the west, and tonight their in Arcadia, and tomorrow their in Irvine!! I am going to BOTH! I linked the other dates below. You just buy a shirt or album and you get to meet the band and see them perform!! ALSO, they are performing at THE STRAND w/ The Maine in Huntington Beach next weekend, Saturday 5/16. I am definitely hitting that up too!!

Here are the links for both:
mark ryden, inside sue

Ladybug Mp3's Anyone?

Does anyone have any Ladybug mp3's? They were a riot grrrl band from Taiwan in the 1990's. They sing "The Van", "Plop into the ocean" and I think one of their albums is called "Let the spaceman dance". If someone has some Ladybug mp3's, let me know. I have tried to find them on soulseek, but have found nothing. I discovered them through an online friend from Taiwan.
mark ryden, inside sue

Affiliate With This Community

If you have a community and would like to be affiliates, (Your community links this community on its userinfo page and this community links your community on its userinfo page.) REPLY back to this entry with the link to YOUR community. Only One Rule: NO RATING COMMUNITIES PLEASE! Be sure to have this community already up and linked on your community userinfo page before replying to this entry with your community's link.
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1.) When joining it would be nice if you would introduce yourself to the commmunity, but it's not a requirement. If your not sure what to say about yourself in an introduction post, Try posting this: age, sex, location, name, interests, why you joined this community, etc.

2.) If posting a LONG entry use the LJ cut.

3.) Please keep your posts on topic of female bands, female vocalists, bands with one or more female in them, and mp3's. Anything female bands, female vocalists, bands with one or more female in them, mp3's and female band member related is welcome to be discussed! Keep the discussion music-related! Mp3's in this community must have at least one female in the band, before being shared.

4.) If you joined the community & deleted the journal that you joined with, I will remove you from the community to keep the community members list neat and clean. If you decide to undelete your journal, you can always re-join this community!

5.) NO bashing of community members, female bands, female vocalists, or bands with at least one female in them! Do not diss the mp3's in this community! If you don't like them, don't listen to them and quit downloading their songs!

6.) NO trolls, flamers, troublemakers, drama, racism, sexism, etc. allowed in this community. This will NOT be tolerated.

7.) You can advertise communities once a month ONLY, as long as they have something to do with this community. NO RATING COMMUNITY PROMOTIONS! If you advertise more than once a month or advertise rating community promotions, You will be banned from the community.

8.) If you affiliate with this community, but delete your community, Your community will be deleted as an affiliate. This will keep the userinfo page looking clean and neat. If you undelete your community, You can always re-join as an affiliate.

9.) This community isn't for pop, country, or rap female band mp3's, if you want to discuss those mp3's, create your own community for that. Any female music mp3's of an "alternative" nature is what this community is about.

*Breaking any of these rules will get you banned and a spot on the userinfo page for a list of 'banned members'.